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Welcome to TerraSafe Cloud storage services. Operated by TerraSafe Ltd. a leading backup service provider from Israel. doing backup since 2005.

Our advanced and robust Cloud Services will protect your important files and data so you can access your files from your smartphone.

TerraSafe Ltd.

TerraSafe Cloud Backup

The best cloud storage service on the web. The lowest prices with great technical support!.

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TerraSafe Cloud Sync

Sync your files to the cloud and share them with your friends. Send very large files to other users fast and easy.

TerraSafe Cloud Smartphone Support

Smartphone Support

With TerraSafe Cloud Smartphone App you will be able to access your files directly from your smartphone. With Android and iOS supported!

TerraSafe Professional Technical Support

Technical Support

Our professional technical support team will assist you in with a fast service.

  TerraSafe Cloud

TerraSafe Cloud Backup & Sync is a service operated by TerraSafe Ltd. a leading professional backup solution provider and developers of specialized data protection systems.

TerraSafe Cloud Backup - 60 days FREE Trial

Download, Install and Try TerraSafe Cloud Backup - 60 Days for FREE!!

TerraSafe Cloud for Business Users - Pricing Table Bundles for businesses...

Business Backup

TerraSafe Business Cloud Backup 512GB

  • 512GB Storage
  • Smartphone Download Support
  • Phone & Mail Support
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Business Sync

TerraSafe Cloud Sync 512GB + Backup 512GB

  • 512GB Backup + 512GB Sync
  • Share & Sync Files
  • Phone & Mail Support
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Business Backup Plus

TerraSafe Cloud Backup 1TB - 5 Computers

  • 1TB Storage
  • Backup upto 5 Computers
  • Phone & Mail Support
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Business Cloud Pro

TerraSafe Cloud Sync 512GB + Backup 1TB

  • 512GB Sync + 1TB Backup
  • Backup, Sync and Share
  • Phone & Mail Support
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What people are saying about us...

user-xsGalit Jaffe, California, USA

I have been using TerraSafe's Cloud Backup for over 12 months now and it helped me many times when I had to access my files when I am out of my office.

user-xsDr. Tal Sines, Ph.D, Israel

TerraSafe's service helps me to sync my computers and saves me time and money by doing so. My home important files are available for me at home and at work.

user-xsDr. Yuval Tabach, Ph.D, Harvard, USA

TerraSafe offers such a great service that enables me to play my presentation movies directly from my iPad wherever I am. This is a great tool for me.