TerraSafe Cloud FAQ Do you have questions?

After registration you will receive a link to your persnoal portal in TerraSafe’s Cloud. You will be able to download your backup software from your personal portal. Your personal portal URL will be for example: yourname.terrasafecloud.com.

In order to able to sync files between computers and TerraSafe’s Cloud you will need to purchase a TerraSafe Cloud Sync account. This account will create a TerraSafe Cloud drive on your computer, this drive is synced to the cloud as well.

You need to download the Restore Client from your personal portal in order to restore entire folders from your backup.

In order to access your files from your smartphone you should install our specilized APP called – Open Access – which is supports Android and iOS.

Sure. If you own a TerraSafe Cloud Sync account you will be able to share files in a very easy way, just right click on the file and enter your friends email.

Contact us at sales@terrasafe.com and we will send you information on how to become our partner.

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